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Where You Will LEARN and KNOW The



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  1. By coming AFTER the WRONG CHRISTIAN/AFRICAN-American Woman (Vogel Denise Newsome)

  1. By coming AFTER the WRONG AFRICAN-American University (Florida A&M University)

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  1. By coming AFTER the WRONG AFRICAN-American MUSLIM Civil Rights Leader (Malcolm X) who WARNED of the United States of America’s DEMISE!

NOW that the CHICKENS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST,” may the United States of America REAP from ITS STINGERS SOWN!”

BLACK-Americans/HOUSE Negroes:

One who has NO sense of his heritage and roots and is ASHAMED to be associated with African Heritage or roots because of what has been depicted in the MEDIA teaching them to hate themselves (i.e. the color of their skin, hair, etc.) and to be ashamed of their looks: They are HIGHLY employed by the United States of America Government to serve as HOUSE Negroes/GATEKEEPERS and/or to meet QUOTAS for DECEPTIVE purposes - i.e. to DECEIVE and HIDE from the PUBLIC/WORLD the United States of America's WHITE Supremacist and RACIST Agenda.  HIGHLY employed by Government Agencies to COVER-UP Discriminatory practices in the Government and PRIVATE Sector by WHITE Racist Employers/Supremacists.  They are also used to COVER-UP the Corruption and Criminal/Civil wrongs of SYSTEMATIC Discriminatory Practices leveled against AFRICAN-Americans and People of Color that are seen as a THREAT because they are EDUCATED and are STRONG Civil Rights Activists fighting for the cause of their people and EXPOSING the United States of America’s CRIMINAL HERITAGE.   HOUSE Negroes/BLACK-Americans are usually individuals NOT qualified to perform jobs they are hired for and are merely put into their positions as “GATE KEEPERS” and a direct and proximate result of SPECIAL FAVORS - i.e. them having to COMPROMISE and DENY morals, values and beliefs.  One who will do EVERYTHING possible to FIT IN and be ACCEPTED by White Society.  They live in FEAR and have become VERY DEPENDENT on a WHITE-RUN Government DETERMINED to erase and change their IDENTITY and LOOKS.  But NO matter how HARD he/she TRIES, they are STILL seen as "BLACK!"  It is BLACK-Americans that a White Reporter is SCOFFING at and PRAISING the TERRORISTS Acts (i.e. RAPES, MURDERS, LYNCHING, etc.) of his White Supremacist Counterparts in this interview with "Muslim Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X" and that Malcolm X prophesied whose REIGN will come to an END!

On this Website, you will find out whether you are STRENGTHENING the HANDS of EVILDOERS (i.e. through MORAL SUPPORT, FINANCIAL Contributions, etc.)

Jeremiah 23:13-14, 16, 19-21 - - I have seen folly in the prophets. . .they prophesied. . .and caused my people. . .to err.

                I have also seen in the prophets. . . they commit ADULTERY, and WALK in LIES, they STRENGTHEN also the HANDS of EVILDOERS, that NONE of them return from his WICKEDNESS:  they are all of them unto me as SODOM, and the inhabitants thereof of GOMORRAH. . ..

                Thus saith the Lord of hosts, HEARKEN NOT unto the words of the prophets that prophesy unto you; they MAKE you VAIN:  they SPEAK a VISION of their OWN heart, and NOT out of the mouth of the Lord. . . .

                Behold, a WHIRLWIND of the Lord is gone forth in FURY, even a GRIEVOUS WHIRLWIND:  it shall FALL GRIEVOUSLY upon the HEAD of the WICKED.

                The ANGER of the Lord shall NOT return, UNTIL he have EXECUTED and TILL he have PERFORMED the thoughts of his heart:  in the latter days ye shall consider it perfectly.

                I have NOT SENT these prophets, yet they RAN:  I have NOT SPOKEN to them, yet they prophesied.


Matthew 5:10-12 - - BLESSED are they which are PERSECUTED for RIGHTEOUSNESS’ sake:  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

                BLESSED are ye, when men shall REVILE you, and PERSECUTE you, and shall SAY all MANNER OF EVIL AGAINST you FALSELY, for my sake.

                REJOICE, and be EXCEEDING GLAD:  for great is your reward in heaven:  for so PERSECUTED they the prophets which were before you.


On this website you have the FREEDOM and OPPORTUNITY to SUPPORT the TAKE DOWN OF GOLIATH” and bring about “CHANGE” and NOT be placed “BACK IN CHAINS!”


For instance, were you ONE of MANY DECEIVED by Barack and Michelle Obama?  Were you DECEIVED by their FAIR, ELOQUENT and WELL-ARTICULATED words?


Matthew 24:24 - - For there shall arise. . .FALSE prophets, and shall SHOW great signs and wonders, insomuch that, IF it were possible, they shall DECEIVE the very elect.

Matthew 7:15 - - BEWARE of FALSE prophets, which come to you in SHEEP’S clothing, but INWARDLY they are RAVENING WOLVES.

                Ye shall know them by THEIR FRUITS.  Do men gather grapes of THORNS, or figs of THISTLES?

                A hundred years ago they used to put on a white sheet and use a bloodhound against Negroes. Today they've taken off the white sheet and put on police uniforms, they've traded in the bloodhounds for police dogs, and they're still doing the same thing. And just as Uncle Tom, back during slavery, used to keep the Negroes from resisting the bloodhound, or resisting the Ku Klux Klan, by teaching them to love their enemy, or pray for those who use them spitefully, today Martin Luther King is just a 20th century or modern Uncle Tom, or a religious Uncle Tom, who is doing the same thing today, to keep Negroes defenseless in the face of an attack, that Uncle Tom did on the plantation to keep those Negroes defenseless in the face of the attacks of the Klan in that day. . . .

                The goal of Dr. Martin Luther King is to give Negroes a chance to sit in a segregated restaurant beside the same white man who had brutalized them for 400 years. The goal of Dr. Martin Luther King is to get Negroes to forgive the people who have brutalized them for 400 years by lulling them to sleep, and making them forgetting what those whites have done to them. But the masses of black people in America today don't go for what Martin Luther King is putting down. As you said in one of your articles, it's psychologically insecure, or something of that sort -- I forget how you put it. But you didn't endorse what Martin Luther King was doing yourself. - - Malcolm X

We knew that there was NO WAY that an AFRICAN-American (i.e. there is a DIFFERENCE between an AFRICAN-American and a BLACK-American) would be placed in the WHITE HOUSE!  In fact, as early as November 2008, in CONGRATULATION Faxes, President-Elect Barack Obama was WARNED of the CONSEQUENCES should he get in the White House and FAIL to do what is RIGHT!  Nevertheless, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama wanted to get in the White House and “PLAY THE GAME!” and

Watkins v. U.S., 77 S.Ct. 1173 (1957) - [n.2] Power of Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process, and is broad.

            [n.5] In conducting investigation, Congress is not a law enforcement or trial agency and no inquiry is an end in itself, but it must be related to and in furtherance of a legitimate task of Congress.

[2][5]We start with several basic premises on which there is general agreement. The power of the Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process. That power is broad. It encompasses inquiries concerning the administration of existing laws as well as proposed or possibly needed statutes. It includes surveys of defects in our social, economic or political system for the purpose of enabling the Congress to remedy them. It comprehends probes into departments of the Federal Government to expose corruption, inefficiency or waste. But, broad as is this power of inquiry, it is not unlimited. There is no general authority to expose the private affairs of individuals without justification in terms of the functions of the Congress. This was freely conceded by the Solicitor General in his argument of this case. FN8Nor is the Congress a law enforcement or trial agency. These are functions of the executive and judicial departments of government. No inquiry is an end in itself; it must be related to, and in furtherance of, a legitimate task of the Congress. . . .

FN8. ‘Now, we don't claim on behalf of the Government that there is any right to expose for the purposes of exposure. And I don't know that Congress has ever claimed any such right. But we do say, in the same breath, that there is a right to inform the public at the same time you inform the Congress.’

Berry vs. American Express Pub., Corp., 381 F.Supp. 2d 1118 (2005) - Where source of legal authority is statutory and NOT constitutional, Congress retains ability to CREATE and DIRECT law, so long as it is consistent with constitutional principles, and it is particularly important for COURT to follow that DIRECTIVE.

Overlie vs. Owatonna Independent School Dist. No. 761, 341 F.Supp.2d 1081 (2004) - Once Congress addresses a subject, the lawmaking authority of federal courts is greatly diminished.

Bruner vs. U.S., 340 F.Supp.2d 1204 (2004) - Congress is invested with a wide discretion, and its action, unless purely arbitrary, MUST be accepted and given FULL effect by the courts.

Page vs. Shelby, 995 F.Supp. 23 (1998) - VINDICATION of PUBLIC interest in governmental observance of Constitution and law is FUNCTION of Congress and PresidentNOT judiciary.

Henrietta D. vs. Giullani, 21 A.D.D. 329 (1996) - District court may enjoin executive or legislative action if that action is UNCONSTITUTIONAL or VIOLATES statutes or regulations.

Northwest Airlines, Inc. vs. Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, 101 S.Ct. 1571 (1981) - Federal lawmaking power is vested in the legislative, not the judicial, branch of government and therefore, the federal common law is subject to the paramount authority of Congress.

Doe vs. McMillan, 93 S.Ct. 2018 (1973) - A court has NO authority to oversee judgment of a congressional committee in regard to what matter to include in reports prepared within the legislative sphere or to impose liability on its members if the court disagrees with their legislative judgment.  U.S.C.A.Const. art. 1, § 6, cl. 1.

McGrain vs. Daugherty, 47 S.Ct. 319 (U.S. Ohio 1927) - Power of inquiry is essential and appropriate auxiliary to legislative function. . . Congress may inquire into PRIVATE affairs and compel disclosures only in so far as to make express powers effective.

Watkins vs. U.S., 77 S.Ct. 1173 (1957) - Power of Congress to conduct investigations is inherent in the legislative process and is broad . . . Congress, through its committees, may obtain any information it needs for proper fulfillment of its role, and is free to determine the kinds of data that should be collected; it is only investigations conducted by use of compulsory process that give rise to the need to protect rights of individuals against illegal encroachment.  2 U.S.C.A. § 192.

Clark vs. Board of Ed. Of Shelbyville, Ky., 350 F.Supp. 149 (1972) - Courts MAY NOT invade the domain of the legislature; where a plaintiff IS ASKING for legislative relief or relief which would ENCROACH on the legislative process the courts are WITHOUT powers to act.

Ashland Oil, Inc. vs. F.T.C., 409 Supp. 297 (1976) - Although the INVESTIGATORY powers of Congress is penetrating and FAR reaching in scope, it is not unlimited.  U.S.C.A.Const. art. I, § I et seq.

Nixon vs. Administrator of General Services, 408 F.Supp. 321 (1976) - Congressional power to INVESTIGATE, although limited to areas in which Congress possesses legislative authority, is both BROAD and INTEGRAL to the legislative process.

American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO vs. U.S., 330 F.3d 513 (2003) - Incident to its lawmaking authority, Congress has the authority to decide whether to conduct INVESTIGATIONS and HOLD HEARINGS to gather information.

McDonnell Douglas Corp. vs. U.S., 754 F.2d 365 (1985) - Congress has implied as well as express powers incident to its DUTY to legislate wisely, including POWER to INVESTIGATE.

U.S. vs. McDonnell Douglas Corp., 751 F.2d 220 (1984) - Power to INVESTIGATE is necessarily incident to Congress’ power to legislate.

Watkins vs. U.S. 77  S.Ct. 1173 (1957) - Congressional power of INVESTIGATION is not unlimited and there is NO general authority to expose the PRIVATE affairs of individuals WITHOUT justification in terms of the functions of Congress.

Raney vs. Stovall, 361 S.W.2d 518 (1962) - That legislature may make wrong decision is NO reason for INVASION by judiciary of EXCLUSIVE domain of legislature; and court MUST assume that SENATE will NOT KNOWINGLY permit VIOLATIONS of CONSTITUTIONAL provisions.

The AFRICAN-Americans:  Are people with KNOWLEDGE of his/her Heritage and Roots and very HAPPY to know and want to learn more about their history/heritage.  Their Heritage/Roots go to the CORE of their Soul and being.  They are VERY HAPPY and PROUD of their COMPLEXION, RACE, HISTORY, etc. and are NOT in Denial of who they are.  Furthermore, they realize they are FREE and NOT in bondage and can have WHATEVER God says they can have and that they are NOT Beneath, but ABOVE.  They are NOT SECOND-CLASS Citizens.  The HEAD and NOT the Tail. . . They are a NATION of people FEARED by White Racists/Supremacists and Jews/ZIONISTS!  They are a NATION of people TARGETED by White Racists/Supremacists and Jews/ZIONISTS to be “Broken Down and Destroyed;” however, are willing to SACRIFICE and DIE for the “Love Of Their People – i.e. Greater LOVE is a person willing to lay down their life for his/her people!”

EXAMPLE: Although Moses was TAKEN from his family as a BABY, it was DOWN in his SOUL/DNA to know that it was not RIGHT to “Beat” and/or “Enslave” people. Therefore, he COULD NOT stand by and WATCH a slave being mistreated and/or abused!! Moses also let two brethren fighting each other know of his opposition and that they should not be fighting each other [i.e for each other is NOT the enemy of the other]





The following is some information that we have found to be of interest here in the United States of America and Abroad (Internationally):

On this Website and in other Social Forums (such as we look to provide you with information as to what the FIRST alleged BLACK-American President (Barack Obama), his wife (Michelle Obama) and their Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) been up to since moving into the WHITE House?   Have you been DECEIVED by them?

President Barack Obama appears was placed in the WHITE House for TWO purposes:

ObamaCARE:  Have you signed up for ObamaCare?  Yes, it appears the DEVIL is the DRAFTER of this ObamaCare (a/k/a The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [PPACA]) – i.e. is the SAME perpetrators behind the TUSKEGEE TESTS:

The Company BEHIND such RACIST and GENOCIDE practices appears was NONE OTHER than Proctor & Gamble.  See for instance:

Barack Obama’s and Baker Donelson’s HEALTH CARE PLAN!


FOR THOSE WHO MAY NOT KNOW:  [The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African American men who thought they were receiving free health care from the U.S. government. -]  The tests where AFRICAN-Americans were INJECTED with DISEASES (Syphilis, Gonorrhea and later, most likely AIDS).  Well it appears the MAJOR Player (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) in the CREATION of ObamaCare had their “HANDS-IN-THE-POT” with ObamaCare:


United States INHUMANE Guatemala EXPERIMENTS:

INJECTING Citizens of Pakistan with a FAKE VACCINE – i.e. who know what POISONS were injected; however, the United States Central Intelligence (“CIA”) was involved:

ONE GUESS WHO’S LEGAL COUNSEL FOR PROCTER & GAMBLE.  Yes, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz. 



It appears Baker Donelson having a MAJOR role in the DRAFTING and PUSHING into law of ObamaCare.  Have you noticed HOW the GOVERNMENT has ALWAYS played ROLES in trying to keep God’s PROPHECY from being FULFILLED?  For instance, remember the Prophecy of “MOSES” arrival?  The GOVERNMENT attempted to have MOSES KILLED/MURDERED from BIRTH:  EXODUS 1:

16 And he said, When ye do the office of a midwife to the Hebrew women, and see them upon the stools; if it be a son, then ye shall kill him: but if it be a daughter, then she shall live.

17 But the midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved the men children alive.

18 And the king of Egypt called for the midwives, and said unto them, Why have ye done this thing, and have saved the men children alive?

19 And the midwives said unto Pharaoh, Because the Hebrew women are not as the Egyptian women; for they are lively, and are delivered ere the midwives come in unto them.

20 Therefore God dealt well with the midwives: and the people multiplied, and waxed very mighty.

21 And it came to pass, because the midwives feared God, that he made them houses.

22 And Pharaoh charged all his people, saying, Every son that is born ye shall cast into the river, and every daughter ye shall save alive.

Remember God’s PROPHECY about the coming of his Son (Jesus Christ)?  Well remember the GOVERNMENT attempted to get News of where Christ would be born for purposes of having Him KILLED/MURDERED at BIRTH:  Matthew 2:

7 Then Herod, when he had privily called the wise men, enquired of them diligently what time the star appeared.

8 And he sent them to Bethlehem, and said, Go and search diligently for the young child; and when ye have found him, bring me word again, that I may come and worship him also.

9 When they had heard the king, they departed; and, lo, the star, which they saw in the east, went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

12 And being warned of God in a dream that they should not return to Herod, they departed into their own country another way.

13 And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeareth to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word: for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him.

14 When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt:

15 And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son.

16 Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of the wise men.

So NOW the GOVERNMENT is trying to FORCE ObamaCare down the THROATS of Citizens and in the INK providing MEASURES/MEANS to KILL/MURDER babies PRIOR to BIRTH!   ONE Guess as to WHY?

GENOCIDE PRACTICES in the Sterilization/Gutting of People of Color:

Do you have to SIGN UP for ObamaCare?  NO - - - Due to the FRAUDULENT and CRIMINAL acts engaged in, in putting ObamaCare into law.  If the GOVERNMENT is STUPID enough to come after you and/or attempt to PENALIZE you with FINE(S), be READY to CHALLENGE Barack Obama’s CREDENTIALS to be the President of the United States of America through LEGAL PROCEEDINGS!


Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA):  It appears that President Barack Obama was placed in office for purposes of PROMOTING his HOMOSEXUAL Lifestyle and those of others – i.e. information that his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) was hoping would NEVER come out!   See the OVERKILL Media Coverage on this issue?  Yes, there appears to be FRAUDULENT and/or CRIMINAL acts in getting this issue (DOMA) passed as well.  ASK YOURSELF, if this law is LEGAL, WHY did President Barack Obama and his Legal Counsel (Baker Donelson) and their COHORTS have to COMMIT Criminal Acts to get it passed and WHY did they KEEP information regarding the “CONFLICTS-OF-INTEREST” hidden from the PUBLIC/WORLD!

IN A NUTSHELL:   Because United States of America President Barack Obama is NOT Legally/Lawfully in the WHITE House, as a matter of LAW, ALL that he and his Administration/CRIMINAL Conspirators have done are NULL/VOID and CANNOT be ENFORCED!   What a WASTE of TIME!  Yes, President Barack Obama and CONGRESSIONAL Members have been “LEGALLY” SERVED with EVICTION!  While it appears President Obama and his Legal Counsel attempted to DESTROY Service of Process (the Green Card), Newsome's going PUBLIC/INTERNATIONAL resulted in them TAPING the Green Card back together and returning it to her!  CRIMINALS. . . CRIMINALS. . . CRIMINALS. . .CRIMINALS!

HEADLINES GRABBING THE NEWS - - UNDERSTANDING WHY the United States of America is having CREDIBILITY ISSUES!  We believe that through this Website, it is important to EXPOSE the TERRORISTS/WHITE SUPREMACISTS BEHIND the RACIAL DIVIDE in the United States of America and ABROAD in FOREIGN NATIONS.  Providing you with an opportunity to see HOW the CONSEQUENCES of the FAILURE to PREVENT and/or FAILURE to STOP Terrorist/White Supremacist Nations as the United States of America BRINGS about MORE HIDEOUS/TERRORIST Acts.  

U.S. v. Jimenez Recio, 123 S.Ct. 819 (2003) - Essence of a conspiracy is an agreement to commit an unlawful act.

                Agreement to commit an unlawful act, which constitutes the essence of a conspiracy, is a distinct evil that may exist and be punished whether or not the substantive crime ensues. Id.

                Conspiracy poses a threat to the public over and above the threat of the commission of the relevant substantive crime, both because the combination in crime makes more likely the commission of other crimes and because it decreases the probability that the individuals involved will depart from their path of criminality. . .

  1. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN – TRAYVON MARTIN MATTER:  FACTS and EVIDENCE we are providing on this website and in other Social Forums as on United States of America’s President Barack Obama, United States Congress and their Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz along with their WHITE SUPREMACIST/JEWISH CONSPIRATORS/CO-CONSPIRATORS played in the THROWING of the George Zimmerman Criminal Trial!”     For instance did you know the following FACTS:

  1. That in the February 26, 2012, 911 Emergency Call, that:  (i) George Zimmerman used a RACIAL slur towards Trayvon Martin calling him a “F*cking COON?”  However, during the Criminal Trial the prosecutor John Guy FLAT OUT LIED alleging George Zimmerman called Trayvon Martin a “PUNK” – when he did NOT!   WHY, would  a WHITE prosecutor KEEP such CRITICAL and VITAL information out of the Trial?

Here, here is a TRANSCRIPT of the 911 Call made by George Zimmerman: 

CREDIBILITY ISSUE:  During the 911 Call, George Zimmerman clearly states to the Operator that Trayvon Martin appears to be in his “LATE TEENS!”  However, during a hearing George Zimmeman TESTIFIED under oath that he did NOT know how old Trayvon Martin was. 

(ii) It appears from the 911 Call, George Zimmerman PREPARING/LOADING his Gun PRIOR to getting out of his vehicle – therefore, supporting PREMEDITATION and/or FIRST-DEGREE MURDER!  Not only that, supporting that George Zimmerman was HEAVILY armed and had EXTRA BULLET ROUNDS on him to use – i.e. supporting INTENT TO KILL/MURDER!

Firearms analyst AMY SIEWERT from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement - Siewert examined the gun and said Zimmerman had one bullet ready to fire in the chamber as well as a fully loaded magazine when the shooting occurred.

CREDIBILITY ISSUES also arises from the RE-ENACTMENT that George Zimmerman WILLINGLY participated in.  Now WHY, during the CRIMINAL TRIAL of George Zimmerman, weren’t the 911 Emergency Call and RE-ENACTMENT video played for the JURY with the appropriate DEFENSE arguments made?   DAHHHH!

  1. That the State of Florida did NOT call on Witnesses such as CHERYL BROWN who appears had VITAL/CRITICAL/RELEVANT testimony regarding the Sanford Police Department’s concerns regarding George Zimmerman’s CREDIBILITY:

  1. That the State of Florida did NOT call on Witnesses such as the Director Richard Kurtz of the Funeral Home who prepared Trayvon Martin’s body for burial and stated that he “saw no signs of a fight on the body!” 

CREDIBILITY ISSUES: You see when Defense Counsel (Mark O’Mara) is going to RELEASE photographs alleging injuries to George Zimmerman then it is the DUTY and OBLIGATION of the State Prosecutor to provide EVIDENCE to the contrary as well as provide evidence that the photograph presented was FAKE/FALSE – i.e. PHOTOSHOPPED/ALTERED!  There are plenty of ways to PROVE the ALTERING of the George  Zimmerman photographs! DAHH!

  1. That there is evidence of Baker Donelson Bearman’s presence in the State of Florida:


  1. A Judge (Kenneth Lester, Jr.) handling the George Zimmerman trial appears to have suspected some CRIMINAL activity and was himself trying to figure out HOW George Zimmerman was allegedly RAISING a great deal of CASH through PayPal: and  - a matter in which a INVESTIGATION will YIELD whether ALL the money George Zimmerman allegedly claims to have been raised through PayPal is so and/or whether CONTRIBUTIONS were made DIRECTLY to him as well and from WHO!

ONE GUESS WHO represents PayPal!    YES, Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz – the SAME Law Firm that represents President Barack Obama, United States Congressional Members, Supreme Court Justices, State Governors, Judges, etc.

  1. HOW do you think that George Zimmerman was able to get TWO Passports?  The SAME WAY it appears that United States of America President Barack Obama was able to obtain a FAKE/FALSE Certificate of Live Birth.

  1. Can George Zimmerman be TRIED for FIRST-DEGREE Murder and other crimes committed?   YES!  DOUBLE JEOPARY does NOT apply to him because he was NEVER in danger at the FIRST CRIMINAL TRIAL, Zimmerman having KNOWLEDGE of the CRIMINAL Acts being committed on his behalf and because of the CRIMINAL/FRAUDULENT acts committed in the handling of the trial!   DAHHH!

  1. Had Vogel Denise Newsome NOT released information PUBLICLY/INTERNATIONALLY, do you think that one of the Juror B29 (Maddy) would have come forward in sharing that the “JURORS felt that George Zimmerman was GUILTY!?” 

  1. Had Vogel Denise Newsome NOT released information PUBLICLY/INTERNATIONALLY regarding President Barack Obama’s and his Legal Counsel Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz’ role in the CRIMINAL Acts of the THROWING of the George Zimmerman Trial,”  do you think that the MEDICAL EXAMINER (Shiping Bao) who TESTIFIED in the George Zimmerman Trial would have come forward in sharing this information – i.e. which appears that NOW the only reason for Bao coming forward is that he has been FIRED!  Now Bao want to SUE for being TERMINATED!   Bao had a DUTY and OBLIGATION when on the stand during the TRIAL to make KNOWN the CRIMINAL acts taking place BEHIND-THE-SCENES!  However, he did KNOWINGLY and WILLINGLY participate in FRAUD/Criminal Acts committed on the Court!   DAHHH!

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  FAILURE-TO-PROSECUTE George Zimmerman for PREVIOUS Crimes alleged as: 

  • RESISTING Officer With VIOLENCE – BATTERY Of Law Enforcement Officer

and allowing him to remain AT-LARGE in the PUBLIC population  (i.e. rather than INCARCERATE him for the PROTECTION of the Public) appears LED to the FIRST Degree Murder of Trayvon Martin and the CORRUPT Government Officials and their Lawyers (as Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz) criminal acts.Thus, by such CRIMINAL Cover-Ups, George Zimmerman, it appears, his CRIMINAL and TERRORIST acts on other victims and/or Citizens of the Public!FAILURE-TO-PREVENT and CORRUPT Government Officials and their CORRUPT Lawyers has resulted in George Zimmerman remaining AT-LARGE in the PUBLIC Population to further commit RACIALLY motivated crimes.

WERE YOU DECEIVED by United Statates of America President Barack Obama’s “TRAYVON MARTIN SPEECH?”